Sport activities

Chrissi’s Curacao offers different activities throughout the island, but specializes in judo classes and clinics.

Judo is a Japanese sport and a self defense martial arts sport, it’s teaching students to defense themselves, learn to have respect for themself and others, discipline, self confidence, and most of all, having fun in being active and practicing a sport.

Chrissi has started this sport herself in 1999 and proudly received her black belt in 2017 in Curacao. Since 2016 she has been assisting and later on in jan of 2018 started to teach this beautiful sport part time at schools, gyms and the Marine Base Parera. With this back ground she has the discipline to work hard for everything in life and believes in achieving anything you wish to accomplish. This is an important lesson she wishes to teach to the youngsters of Curacao as well.